Giant Barbezieux

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The Giant Barbezieux almost went extinct in 1999 but a group of enthusiast banded together to save this remarkable chicken.  It has been around since the middle ages. The Giant Barbezieux is the tallest chicken in France standing 26" tall for the male and he weighs in at approx 10-12lb.  He needs to be roasted and his white meat has a slight wheat taste and his dark meat has a slightly gamey flavor.  He was ranked best tasting test #3 behind the Bresse and Le Fleche.  The tasting  was done by French food guide, Gault Millau.   The female lays about 150-200 tinted or white eggs. We have a recipe in the blog section of our website.
Scott W says delicious roasted and smoked beyond belief


    Barbezieux originated in the Middle Ages in the Charente region of France near the Southwest coast of that country. The region is known for the production of salt and Cognac (named after a village in that region)



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