Jill Rees Cream Leg Bar Female

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Why Jill Reese Cream Legbar? It is the genes. She has won many grand champions in Great Britian Cream Legbar Chickens were developed in Britain in the 1930's and are quite popular in the United Kingdom, yet practically unknown in the United States. Vibrant, sky blue to pastel green eggs are just one desirable trait about this striking beauty. Additionally, they are auto-sexing, a genetic trait that enables chicks to be gendered just by looking at the different feather patterns, making them perfect for the small scale backyard breeder. The female chicks will have a dark brown to black stripe that starts on top of the head and extends down the length of the body. You can also see the tiny little crest developing on the top of the head of the day old chicks. Cream Legbars are chatty, active, very curious and remarkable foragers. They love to investigate their surroundings and will tag along while you do chores. Charming does not even begin to describe this lovable breed. Uniquely feathered, the Legbar sports a small, slicked back crest. No matter how small, this breed has a huge personality. She'll certainly be the talk of the flock, not only because of her stunning features but her personable disposition. You can expect about 180 eggs per year from the hens. Auto sexing.  All our girls lay sky blue eggs.




Class: Not Recognized
Origin: Britain
Comb Type: Single
Egg Color: Sky Blue
Egg Size: Medium to Large
Production: Good 3-4 per week 180+yr
Bird Size: Rooster 7lbs, 6lbs Hens
Broody: sometimes
Hardiness: Cold and Heat Hardy
Personality: chatty, active, very curious, charming


    Gladwin MI

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