White Crested Polish Day Old Chick one is (CAMERA SHY)

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The White Crested Black variety of Polish have black bodies and a white crest of feathers on their head. Some will have beards, some will not, and they will all have an unusual v-comb.Not only will you have the coolest chicken in the neighborhood, but these lovely ladies will also supply you with a good number of small to medium white eggs every year. They are also a quiet breed. Be careful when free ranging though because that crest of feathers can limit their vision, so they are not as good as other breeds at seeing predators.Breed Facts Status: Watch Use: Eggs Egg Color: White Egg Size :Medium to LargeMarket Weight:4 – 5 lbsTemperament: Calm but flighty when disturbed.  To counter this we give our girls feather trims. They are really calm birds. Characteristics :Excellent, persistant layers


Breed Facts




Egg Color:

Egg Size:
Medium to Large

Market Weight:
4 – 5 lbs

Calm but flighty when disturbed give hair trims and they are really calm birds

Excellent, persistant layers


    I lay med white eggs and have a great personality.. I make a great pet.  I do need my feathers trimmed areound my eyes so I can see.  Other wise I am Picked on all the time.



Gladwin MI

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